Cardio Ballet

Cardio Ballet

Cardio Ballet, New York City’s most beautiful new workout is now at Be Crystal Clear!

Ballet dancers take a ballet class as their daily workout, and now, so can you. This is The Ballet Spot’s signature class, and it is a revamp of traditional dance- fitness: Rather than hip-hop and jazz as its basis, this class is ballet.

The instructor will dance with you the entire time and guide you step by step through a full-body warm up and dances across the floor. The class is choreographed to piano renditions of inspiring pop, rock, and Broadway music, so you will feel uplifted to keep moving, learning, and definitely sweating!

No prior dance experience is needed. Appropriate attire is exercise clothes and regular socks, sticky socks or ballet slippers. Sneakers are optional for the last part of class.

For more information on The Ballet Spot and Cardio Ballet, please visit www.TheBalletSpot.com

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