Chakra Reset Sound Bath

Chakra Reset Sound Bath

During this Sound Bath we will amplify your rising energy with the use of crystals, placing them on or beside you in alignment with your chakras.

Come hit reset in this Sound Bath meditation that aligns your Mind, Body, and Spirit by opening up your 7 chakras with love and intention. As you lay on your mat allow your mind to be at rest, focus on releasing tension in the body while providing intention from your root to your crown chakra, invigorating your highest sense of being.

*The Sound Healing instruments create vibrations that promote deep relaxation, expansion of consciousness, and peace. Each instrument is tuned to a specific frequency which opens the body’s entire energetic system. The experience will diminish insomnia, release blocked emotions, promote deep meditation, alleviate anxiety and stress, and heighten clarity while improving the ability to concentrate. In this sound bath, listeners simply relax, fall asleep and/or stay present with what they are experiencing.

CLASS: Chakra Reset-02