Stiff Guy/Girl Stretch™

Stiff Guy/Girl Stretch™

Stiff Guy or Girl…Loosen up!

This practice helps you safely create greater range of motion and ease by strategically working deeply into the muscles and joints while calming your mind if you are feeling tight, tense or not as flexible as you’d like. You’ll walk out refreshed with a new spring in your step.

For those of us who don’t practice yoga, stretching before or after a workout is important to make sure your muscles don’t stay tight. Stretching should not be just a pre or post workout routine, it is great for injury prevention, a wider range of motion, and to feel better in general. It is about bringing your body back to the way it is meant to move and feel. It gives you the freedom to move as you want, without pain or risk of injury.

Class: Stiff Guy Stretch-04

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