Creative Movement for Children

Creative Movement for Children

From birth, children are driven by their innate curiosity to learn more about the world.

Through their major senses—sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch—children naturally explore their surroundings to help them further understand how things around them work. But while they are a good and foundational way to feed that curiosity, an indispensable and often-overlooked tool for exploring the world can also be quite beneficial for developing self-reflection and well-roundedness: movement.

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Why you should get your child moving

Physical activity/movement has long proven its health benefits through a variety of scientific evidence by demonstrating its close association with lower body fat, stronger muscles & bones, improvements to mental & cognitive health, and much more. For children, these benefits are even more sought after, as it promotes growth/development and enhances academic performance. Unfortunately, children are not getting the adequate amount of exercise to reap its many benefits; in fact, only about 21% of children aged 6-19 are getting the suggested amount of physical activity daily.

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How to get your child moving

Here at Be Crystal Clear, we support the nourishment of the body, mind, and soul through mindful movement and meditation—even your little ones! That’s why we have Creative Movement just for them so they can move more and in a fun, artistic way! This class, founded on the idea of providing something special for every child, is fusion-run and structured around storytelling through creative movement, musical instruments, and group connection. Each week brings a different theme and message promoting self-love and gratitude, while fully encouraging each child to use their creative imagination in an open, accepting space. Instructor Kate D. used her 8+ years of experience working with kids to develop this energetic and eye-opening class. She says that working with the youth has been very inspirational and has founded her love for “guiding them into realizing their full potential, because [she believes] it is a beautiful thing when a child comes to realize all they are capable of for not only themselves, but also humanity”.

Ready to add more physical activity your kid’s day?

Take a look at our Schedule page to see when the next Creative Movement class will be! See you there!

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