Ignite your Life with ELEVATION DANCE EVENTS

ELEVATION DANCE EVENTS are a free-form dance experience*. There is no right way to move; there is only your way. We provide the space in which you can connect inward and find your own creative flow. Most events feature a LIVE DJ, while others may have a combination of DJ and live music. The music ranges from Electronic Dance Music (EDM) to World Music with a wide variety of genres.

In this event we present you with an experience that will stimulate your mind, body and spirit. This event is a visual playground, featuring a variety of Live Art Shows as well as Live Performances, Professional Dancers, and Themed Events. At ELEVATION, we create a space for you to expand your consciousness, remind you of who you were before you allowed the world to change you, and connect you back to your inner self and those around you.

Immerse yourself with Art. Let our group of homegrown and world artists excite you with their work, featuring modern and contemporary art. Follow us on social media, or stop in to find out when our next artist will pop up. Be reminded that our art exhibits range from paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs and films, to edition works of the highest quality.

*Some Elevation dance events will feature various forms of Transformational Dance. The experience may include Guided movement, Ecstatic dance, Energy healing, Breathwork and Music.


“A true experience for the senses featuring aerialist, burlesque, and other performers. Whether they are dancing on the stage or in the sky, they are sure to tantalize the eyes while exciting the senses and desires.”