Sounds of the Ocean


Sounds of the Ocean

Led by: Sugar
Price: $44 in advance, $55 at the door

Sound Bath Social: Sounds of the Ocean

A Gathering for our Conscious Community.

What’s better than ending your week with a Sound Bath…? Ending it with a Sound Bath Social! Come Raise your Vibe and Find your Tribe at our Weekly Sound Bath Event. Every week features a new collaboration, in the Health, Wellness, or Consciousness niche. Come once or come every week, each Sound Bath Social is sure to be unique. Make Sound Bath Social your go to Event to start your weekend off with a High Vibe.

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Sounds of the Ocean

A Sound Bath to Connect with Marine Life

Come join us in community for an immersive sound experience with live instruments combined with recordings of whales, dolphins and ocean noise recorded in Monterey Bay Canyon. This unique sound bath is designed to help you relax ad connect with marine life. Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, pillow and water bottle.

Oceans contain between 50% – 80% of all life on Earth. Expanding on this popular healing modality of a sound bath, our offering seeks to preserve the acoustic habitat of marine life. We are facing a critical opportunity to reduce noise pollution in our oceans. Commercial shipping, oil and gas exploration and recreational boating contribute an incredible amount of sound pollution. In some regions, human noise levels in the ocean have doubled every decade for the past half century. This noise interferes with sea animals need to communicate, navigate and hear their surroundings. Currently, the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary is at risk of receiving increased cruise ship traffic, which would greatly add to ocean noise pollution in the area. Our sound journey will feature recordings of whales, dolphins and seals from deep water by Monterey Bay Canyon. Combined with live instruments representing the element of water, this soundscape represents a collaboration between marine and human life through artistic expression.


$44 in advance

$55 at the door

Sugar: Be Crystal Clear



In addition to her intuitive senses and healing abilities, Sugar is a certified Reiki Practitioner, Crystal Healer, and Sound Healer Practitioner. She uses her natural understanding of people’s energies along with her skill with the vibration equipment to provide deep relaxation, expansion of consciousness, and peace.