Denise B.

What I Offer:

An invigorating Vinyasa Flow Class that strengthens the body and quiets the mind. I also guide empowering manifestation meditation and beginner acroyoga.

My 7 Things:

  1. My workout jam or genre is: A mashup of various artists and genres ranging from ambient, meditative, spiritual vibes to dance,house, trance and hip hop. My body tells me the music that I love and moves me to the beat, it has a mind of its own.
  2. I would never leave home without: My bathing suit, beach towel, rollerblades, sunscreen. Always prepared to make a spontaneous stop at the beach for sunset on the traveling rings;)
  3. My favorite healthy snack is: Juicy fresh cut mango or Berries.
  4. My guilty pleasure is: Kombucha (daily) or Green Tea ice cream (on occasion)
  5. My way to destress is: To practice yoga in my backyard or swim in the ocean or swing on the Santa Monica traveling rings then sit quietly in meditation or practice breathe work;)
  6. My secret superpower is: Being a mama
  7. My favorite quote or mantra is: “You don’t have a right to the cards you believe you should have been dealt. You have an obligation to play the hell out of the ones you’re holding”
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