Myrna V.

What I Offer:

Stiff Guy Stretch, Back to Basics, Hard Slow Flow, Hatha Yoga

My 7 Things:

  1. My workout jam or genre is: There was nothing before Beyonce.
  2. I would never leave home without: gooey lip balm!
  3. My favorite healthy snack is: Fresh Raspberries and Blackberries! Fresh Picked Marrionberries are my absolute favorite snack.
  4. My guilty pleasure is: In N Out french fries! Blushes
  5. My way to destress is: To flow through some hard Power Poses as slowly as possible so I can zap some of that energy out of me.
  6. My secret superpower is: I can feel your feelings. Kinda like Mantis from Guardians of the Galaxy 2. …maybe my real secret super power is knowing too much about super hero movies…
  7. My favorite quote or mantra is: “God breaks the heart again, and again, and again until it learns to stay open, ” by Hazrat Inayat Khan, and Om Guru Chant.
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