Sara K.

What I Offer:

Yoga Sculpt and Ab Attack

My 7 Things:

  1. My workout jam or genre is: I’m genre free, my workout playlists range from old school rock, Folk, 80’s/90’s, Enya to Eminem, not necessarily in that order. LOL
  2. I would never leave home without: sunglasses...even when its cloudy (not ‘cause I’m cool,my eyes are just crazy sensitive)
  3. My favorite healthy snack is: veggies and hummus
  4. My guilty pleasure is: cookies, cheese, and white wine
  5. My way to destress is: sweat it out!
  6. My secret superpower is: It’s not a secret...I AM a SuperHero
  7. My favorite quote or mantra is: “Do not get upset with people or situations, they are powerless without your reaction to them.”
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