Valerie R.

What I Offer:

Vinyasa style yoga classes that strengthen the body yet calm the mind. Classes are mixed level and will be given modifications to meet the demands of the newbie yogi to seasoned practitioner.

My 7 Things:

  1. My workout jam or genre is: I enjoy most types of music. For yoga classes, I like relaxing songs from artists like Tycho and for more intense workouts, I usually go for pop hits or throwback hip hop.
  2. I would never leave home without: Chapstick and a hair tie.
  3. My favorite healthy snack is: Veggiesand hummus.
  4. My guilty pleasure is: Tacos please :)
  5. My way to destress is: Meditation followed by writing out a gratitude list. I find that when I am stressed out if I give myself time and space to process whatever is going on for me quietly in meditation my problems become small and often irrelevant. Afterward, by writing out the things I am grateful for I am able to instantly shift my perspective and brighten my mood.
  6. My secret superpower is: Baking gluten-free desserts.
  7. My favorite quote or mantra is: May my heart be kind, my mind fierce, and my spirit brave.
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