5 Benefits of Sound Baths

5 Benefits of Sound Baths

Sound Baths are an ancient form of deep meditation that includes various ambient sounds played by an instructor, using a variety of different traditional crystal bowls, gemstone bowls, cymbals, and gongs to create repetitive sounds.

Creative Movement for Children

An indispensable and often-overlooked tool for children exploring the world can also be quite beneficial for developing self-reflection and well-roundedness: movement.

7 Ways to Practice Gratitude

It’s time for a pop quiz! True or false? You can only practice gratitude on Thanksgiving. Hopefully, you answered FALSE, because it is always a good time to practice and express gratitude for yourself and others.

The Importance of Establishing a Morning Routine

In order to successfully create a morning routine for yourself, you need to get enough sleep. I have always considered myself a morning person, but for many, waking up early is extremely difficult. But, if you think you’re a night owl, think again.