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When you make a wish you are setting an intention. Our wish room is not just filled with pieces to be desired, but intentional pieces meant to work with your Mind, Body, and Spirit. Upon entering our Wish Room you may find that you are drawn toward a certain piece or stone, although its beauty may be eye catching it is the energy it resonates that is attracting you. With so many things to offer from affordable to High end Jewelry, small Healing stones, to large Crystal pieces to adorn your home there is something here for everyone. Come in to our Wish Room and see what intrigues you.

One of a kind collections, hand selected just for you.

When we say hand selected, we mean it! Every single piece or stone was individually selected by our owner Sugar. Because stones hold such powerful energy Sugar spends countless hours selecting them, checking in with her pendulum to ensure they are meant for her wish room. The stones that are selected are then cleansed, charged for their highest intention, and ready to do their work for that special person.

*Our High End Line is 24K Gold Overlay. This is the best economical option when compared to Solid Gold. It can be worn all the time, has the same luster and lasts as long as the solid Gold.

Our Story: Be Crystal Clear

When you come into the studio you will realize that the owner Sugar has a deep passion for Crystals. Her love affair with stones and crystals started in 4th grade, while walking home from school. She would hunt for stones unearthed from nearby construction. Her endless collecting of stones continued throughout the years as she discovered the deeper meaning and power behind the stones she loved so dearly. Throughout her journey crystals have always held a very special place in her heart. When creating her vision for Be Crystal Clear she knew that crystals and healing stones would play a big role throughout her center. From the large stones you will find adorning and charging the main studio, to the many healing stones you will find for purchase, or the Crystal singing bowls played in our Sound Baths; crystals are everywhere, here to cleanse, clear, heal, and activate everything and everyone in the space.

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Every piece is as unique as you, come discover YOUR one-of-a-kind item and experience all that our Wish room has to offer.


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Sugar: Be Crystal Clear Founder

Book a personal shopping consultation with Sugar.

Want to go a little deeper? Book a personal shopping Experience with our Founder Sugar. Your session will start with a mini consult on your personal needs or ailments as well as desired intentions and manifestations. You will be given an assessment on what stones or crystals are right for you, then guided through our Wish Room where you will find the piece that is meant for you.

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